Translation Bureau «TUREN»,

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Translation Bureau "TUREN"

Fruitful work in the market of translation services for over 10 years enables us to make translations at a high level, as much as possible corresponding to our Customers’ requirements. Our company’s persistent work and fair policy allowed us to gain confidence of our Customers.


High quality translation. Our company employs professional translators with higher professional education and experience of working in various spheres of translation. We perform translations of legal, economic, banking, commercial, scientific and technical, medical and other documentation qualitatively and quickly.

Flexibility in cooperation. Each Customer has his/her own requirements concerning the terms and conditions of translation performance. We will make a convenient scheme of work individually for you, considering promptness of work, peculiarities of its performance and quality. We treat force majeure situations which can arise in your work with understanding – for that we organized our support service.

Narrowly-specialized translations. An extensive base of translators co-operating with our bureau allows us to perform high quality translations of narrowly-specialized texts. Financial reports of companies, accounting documents, marketing reports, various engineering specifications from the sphere of building, mechanical engineering, agriculture, oil refining, chemistry, directions for medical equipment and other narrowly-specialized translations are made by our skilled translators who know these topics and terminology well and many of whom have a corresponding professional education.

Editing of translation. Editing of translations is an obligatory step to high quality performance. In coordination with the Customer we carry out literary editing of translations, completely preparing the text for placing in printed press or in web resources.

Making-up of translation. According to the Customer’s will we carry out making-up of translations in accordance with the provided breadboard model. Use of specialized computer software enables us to perform translations of web sites without resorting to a difficult process of carrying the text over from the original file to a text file. You only need to send us your original file in which your translation will be made, and then you can easily lay it out on your server.

Notarial certification. When working in legal sphere it is often required to make notarial certification of translation. We completely take upon ourselves the process of notarial certification of translation, including both translation and notarial certification of the latter without your presence. We are also ready to provide you with a certified specialist for performing oral translation at the notary, in case of need to sign documents or register transaction.

Long-term projects. We are interested in long-term projects. We provide full translation support of any projects, we select translators individually for you and for performing a concrete assignment, and we unify terminology and style of your documentation.

Convenient scheme of work. You can become our client irrespectively of the city / country you are in. You can send your order by fax or e-mail. Payment for translation is made in the form and currency which is convenient for you, including money transfer to the hryvna or foreign currency bank account. You can order delivery of translation by mail or express service.

Legal Department of Translation Bureau "TUREN"

We provide a number of legal services for foreign citizens and foreign companies in Ukraine, among which there are such services as reception of permission for employment in Ukraine, reception of identification code, enterprise opening, reception of various kinds of licenses, registration and prolongation of registration (visa) in OVIR, residence permit reception.


You do not need to search for a translator to communicate with us. A topical problem for a foreigner - how to get help or to order a service if you do not speak the language, and there is no translator at hand? In our company we have multilingual managers who will give you the information you need and will help you solve your problem.

Large experience of working with foreigners and foreign companies.We know well about problems which are faced by foreigners in Ukraine, and it enables us to protect you from unnecessary expenses and to warn you about possible negative consequences. We understand your problems very well and are ready to find the answer to any question that interests you.

Quickly and qualitatively. Sometimes the situation demands that we work as quickly as possible. We treat emerging situations with understanding, and we use maximal efforts to solve your problems. Thus we always adhere to the golden rule: “Quickness must not influence quality”.

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